The Secret of the sleeping Buddha
Evelyn Weston unexpectedly inherits a fabulous fortune, a Russian crown jewel. Where the diamond can be found is a mystery even to its owner, Jim Hogan, who has come to the last hours of his life sentence in prison. He passes on a single message to the girl, telling her that many years ago he hid the jewel in a ceramic Buddha statue with a bowed head.
Evelyn takes all the money her family owns and sets off to find the Dreaming Buddha. Also hot on the trail are Eddy, her uncle’s assistant, and a former cell mate of Jim Hogan, the merciless and terrifying Gordon. The trail leads from London to Paris to Marseille, and all the way to Morocco. By the end of the journey, not only the priceless diamond is at stake, but also the honor of an ill-fated legionnaire and not least secret maps of the African... ...oil fields. Luckily, by the time of the final showdown, as the dazzling jewel disappears in the desert sand, Evelyn has come to realize that true wealth lies in love.